British Council Creative Economy

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This interactive guide, edited by John Newbigin, explores how the creative economy is evolving. International contributors build a picture of their innovative work.

What is the creative economy?

From ‘creative industries’ to ‘creative economy’ – how the idea of creative industries and the creative economy has changed in the last 20 yearsRead more »

New funding and business models

The creative economy is generating many new business and finance models, driven in part by the rapid development of the digital world but also because of its social and cultural significance and its ability to find innovative solutions to long-standing problems.Read more »

New skills for a new economy

The creative economy not only requires new and rapidly changing skills, it requires a completely new approach to education in which collaborative learning and mutual respect between the traditional disciplines of arts, science and technology will be crucial.Read more »

Relationship with the digital world

The creative economy and the digital economy are not the same as each other but, together, they are amongst the key drivers of innovation in the global economy and in society.Read more »

Hubs, clusters and regions

Why are successful creative businesses often found clustered together in a particular neighbourhood or district, sometimes with a single building or business acting as a ‘hub’ at its centre?Read more »