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Chris Morland

We entertain, engage and empower

Every entrepreneur wants their business to be financially successful but many creative entrepreneurs have launched their business because of a commitment to social change or a desire to change the way people think – what they do and how they do it remains as important to them as making a profit.

I founded my company, Citrus Suite, in 2008 to look at new opportunities in digital. Some friends I met while building game solutions for Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Codemasters joined me in 2010 and we focused on app development. In 2015 our team doubled in size to eight developers, to give us the capacity to serve existing clients and handle bigger value projects.

We’re on a mission to tackle social problems and deliver future-proof ideas that support and impact end users, while achieving commercial goals. We foster an innovation labs environment where our designers explore new possibilities in areas where we can make an impact such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

From our Baltic Triangle base in Liverpool, England, we’re creating new intellectual property, including a portfolio of innovative mobile health and wellbeing products. Our developers and designers all come from a games industry background and we’ve applied some of their skills to look at challenges in health and personal wellbeing. We always aim to create user-focused digital innovations that entertain, engage and empower. For example, we’re building a prototype family fitness product with Disney and working on some new mobile health technology for the social care sector that is attracting attention from as far afield as China.

Helped by organisations like Creative England and regional cluster networks we are constantly extending our networks and connections. We work with lots of organisations to craft smartphone products: our clients, partners and supporters include Penguin Books US, Random House Digital, Creative England, Liverpool CCG, John Moores University and Mersey Care NHS Trust.

With an evolving portfolio of award-winning digital experiences for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac and Web; mHealth (mobile health) this is a really interesting space for us. We’re keen to connect up with the right knowledge partner for each project; interesting things start to happen when you get overlaps between large commercial organisations, science networks, academics, health providers and small, agile technology companies like Citrus Suite. The next stage of growth for us will be based on the success of these products and new concepts that are in the pipeline. As always we’re looking forward to the challenge.

Chris Morland

Chris Morland is the Founder and CEO of Citrus Suite.