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26 April 2021

Creative Communities Learning Lab Modules

Participants who have registered for the Creative Communities Learning Lab courses can access these through the links below.

The beginning of each course features guidance on how to navigate the hosting platform, especially with regards to each course’s submodules. Each course starts with a list of learning objectives and an introduction to the authors and contributors. They contain text, videos, cue cards, links to external sources and further reading, some downloadable worksheets, and other visual materials.

After completing a course, the participants can also opt for an automated certificate through the feedback form.

Course 1 - Digital Community Strategy and Management

(access the course by clicking on the link in the title)

This course focuses on new ways to engage and maintain communities online, building on existing patterns of peer-support and collective sensemaking. This course also provides guidance on how to measure ‘creative value added’ and evaluate the effectiveness of a digital community strategy and management.

It takes approximately 4 hours to go through this course.

Course 2 - Ways to monetise creative services

(access the course by clicking on the link in the title)

This course brings together practice-oriented insights and knowledge from the UK and from across the Southeast Asian creative hubs community to explore innovative ways to digitalise and monetise creative work. Contents include building confidence in monetising hybrid revenue streams, strategies for creatives with limited internet connectivity, and effectively translating creative work online.

It takes approximately 3.5 hours to go through this course.


(access the course by clicking on the link in the title)

This course focuses on online skills training, outlining the key steps of a typical design process, useful digital platforms, and pedagogical approaches that can help create a compelling learning experience. A key goal is to empower creative hub leaders and creative professionals to develop original, bespoke digital learning content.