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Creative Communities Learning Lab

A new series of dynamic and accessible online learning modules for creative and cultural professionals around the world, designed with input from creative hub leaders from Southeast Asia and the UK.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash


The global escalation of Covid-19 has changed the way we live, learn, communicate and work. For the arts and culture sector, the current crisis has brought on challenges on a global level: from the closing of physical shared spaces, restrictions on live gatherings, limited mobility, a push towards remote working, and the loss of livelihood for many professionals, among others.

In response to the global pandemic, we hosted ‘Communities of a New Future: A series of creative hub conversations’ in 2020 to explore how different parts of the world have tackled these issues. Through these interactions, we were able to collect insights from creative hub leaders in Southeast Asia and the UK. Some of their needs included the knowledge to digitise programme delivery and new means of engaging and supporting their communities.

The project

Learning from these interactions, from the stories of resilience, challenges, and creative adaptations, we have decided to build a programme of online learning modules for creative professionals. This programme titled Creative Communities Learning Lab will offer self-led courses, designed with specific input from creative hub leaders and their communities in Southeast Asia and the UK.  The content will be dynamic and accessible, and will seek to respond to the learning needs of creative hub leaders, artists, creative entrepreneurs and cultural professional all over the world. 

The learning modules will be launched in April 2021 through an online event. They will be hosted on this platform and accessible for free.

The online modules will touch on themes such managing digital communities, new ways to monetise creative work, strategies to develop original, innovative online course content for creatives.

THE Partners

The project is being developed by the British Council in collaboration with a fantastic team of producers - Creative Friction (UK) and Makerspace Manila (PH). 

Additionally, 17 brilliant hub leaders are advising the project team, providing their input and testing the learning content:

This project is part of our Creative Hubs for Good programme and by led by our team in Southeast Asia. You can read more about it on our blog, as well as follow it on social media through these tags: #CreativeHubsForGood #CultureConnectsUs .