British Council Creative Economy

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The British Council’s Creative Economy team forges new connections in the growing creative and cultural industries around the world.

How we work

Using our unique global resources, we seek out those who are exploring the frontiers between culture, enterprise and technology. Working with this pioneering network, we support new collaborations, learning and policy development.

They are part of the innovation at the heart of the creative sector, which is growing faster than any other in the UK, generating millions of jobs and increasing trade worldwide. We believe in a wider understanding of culture, in its capacity to contribute to economic, social and technological development, and in the importance of supporting those who are re-inventing creative exploration and participation.

We work in most places but focus on a few priority countries each year. Here, we co-develop bespoke projects which support local culture and talent and encourage long-term links with the UK. In 2014 these include Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa and UAE.

how do we do this?

Innovation showcases

We internationalise some of the UK’s most exciting cross-disciplinary festivals and initiatives at the cutting edge of arts and digital innovation. Projects include: 

Playable City

Future Everything Moscow


Our R&D and rapid prototyping projects are designed to forge new ideas and collaborations that respond to social challenges:

Culture Shift is our global hack programme

Unbox is a 10 day lab experience hosted in India

Professional development and skills

We work with partners globally to provide enterprise, leadership, management and digital development workshops which internationalise successful UK methodologies:

NESTA’s Creative Enterprise Toolkit, a range of sustainable business workshops delivered globally

Industry exchanges

We bring innovators and leaders to the UK for industry updating, networking, showcasing international trends to the UK sector:

Young Creative Entrepreneur (YCE)

Creative Hubs Exchange

European Creative Hub Forum: Portugal

Policy Investigations

We lead high level policy debates and produce publications which engage UK experts in multi-lateral conversations around key cultural policy issues. For example:

Working with partners in the Americas on a report that quantifies the value of the creative and cultural industries in the region

Delivering on the UK’s commitment to a Memorandum of Understanding with Indonesia on development of the creative industries