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When in Nikola-Lenivets

FutureEverything, Kimchi and Chips and the British Council take part in Russia's largest open air digital festival.

Sky Arts Director Phil Edgar-Jones on Creative Leadership

Phil Edgar Jones is Director of Sky Arts and spent nine years prior, working as Big Brother's Creative Director. Here he gives us tips on how to be a visionary creative leader...

Light Barrier

We spent 5 minutes with digital and light artist Elliot Woods from Kimchi and Chips - our partners in our latest Russian Culture Shift programme.

The Changing Face of Digital London

London has long been considered a leading knowledge city but something new has been bubbling up under its creative surface...

Who Are Our New Culture Entrepreneurs?

They are creating theatre in abandoned buildings in Bogota, devising bilingual graphic design solutions in Arabic and English, and delivering a daily dose of art to smartphones globally.

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