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12 December 2023

BEYOND 2023: The Highlights

On 21 November 2023 the 6th annual BEYOND conference took place at the prestigious Royal Institution in London. This year the spotlight was on the global creative economy.

BEYOND is a leading conference focused on research and innovation in the creative industries. Over 500 people attended the conference in person and it was live streamed to hundreds more, with speakers ranging from creatives and researchers to industry leaders.

This year the British Council developed a strategic partnership with the BEYOND conference, with the aim of encouraging a more global discourse during the event, which led to the development of a programme focused on exploring the global landscape of creative economies and the new forms they are taking.

We used our unique international network to invite creative pioneers, policy makers and government representatives from 14 countries including: Japan, Indonesia, Serbia, Brazil, Turkey, Philippines, Egypt, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine.

The British Council international delegation.

Our Director Creative Economy, Rehana Mughal, opened the conference with a keynote speech that spoke to our values and mission, confirming our position as an organisation with deep knowledge of the drivers for the growth of creative industries in strategically important economies around the world.

Our international reach and trusted relationships are crucial ingredients in supporting our UK creative industries to thrive, and Rehana highlighted the conference as a chance for 'diverse perspectives from the UK to engage with diverse perspectives from around the world.'

Rehana Mughal opens the conference.

Some highlight sessions facilitated by the British Council include:

  • Emerging trends in the creative economy: Perspectives from the Global South 
    This session explored some of the radical thinking and fast growth in the creative economy seen in the Global South. There, the possibilities of the digital world are transforming opportunities and being applied to social and cultural issues such as women’s empowerment, youth unemployment, the celebration of indigenous cultures and the impact of climate change. 

Daniar Amanaliev, John Newbigin, Tita Larasati and Samira Ahmed

  • Mapping Arts & Technology: Hong Kong, Japan & South Korea 
    This research seeks to support future partnerships and exchange by offering insight into the key trends and characteristics of the diverse and dynamic arts and technology sectors in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

  • Panasonic XR Lab: Japan Immersive Technology R&D 
    The Panasonic XR Lab in Tokyo is a big co-creation space that uses hardware and technologies including hologram, spherical mapping, AR and VR, working with creators and commercial clients on R&D for immersive experiences. Chad Kunimoto from the lab introduced their work with designers and artists, and illustrated how new technology is being used in these collaborations.

Chad Kunimoto of Panasonic Connect.

Catch up on these sessions, and many more, online. On demand videos are now available on the BEYOND YouTube Channel.

Images: Argyll Images / Beyond