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17 November 2023

BEYOND 2023 - Meet the Delegates part 1

Ahead of the BEYOND conference 2023, we asked a few of the international delegates from Africa, Asia and South America to share their backgrounds and experiences and tell us what they hope to gain from attending the conference.

Muhammad Taymour - Egypt

Film producer, Egyptian Film Producers Club

Tell us about yourself and your work

After practicing filmmaking for 8 years, I’ve decided in 2018 to shift my career internally to be a professional producer, my production career highlight was in 2020 when I produced the short film, ‘I am afraid to forget your face’ directed by Sameh Alaa, the film won the prestigious Palme d’Or award in Festival De Cannes – Short Film Competition. This Palme d’Or award marks the first Palme d'Or award for an Egyptian film in the festival’s history.

In August of 2021, I founded the ‘Egyptian Film Producers Club’ (EFPC), which aimed to gather all the aspiring film producers and create a space for them to share their experiences through the club's activities. The club has also created educational programs for upcoming generations of film producers in Egypt.

Currently I have my small production company ‘Chaos Films’ established in 2022 which is an Egyptian production company based in Cairo with a focus on producing high-quality films, specifically short films. The company so far has produced three short films. Beside teaching several film production workshops since 2019, in 2022, I started to work as a Module Leader (Advanced Film Production) in the British University in Egypt (BUE) - Faculty of Mass Communication, Film & Media Studies. And lastly, in 2023, I started to work as CineGouna Market Manager in the 6th edition of El Gouna Film Festival in Egypt.

What opportunities do you see for collaboration between Egypt and the UK?

I produce films in Egypt and these films need a creative input and of course financial support to be executed, this is exactly where I can see a potential for Egypt with the UK as we can together work creatively on these films and produce them together, it can give us exposure and it can bring us more benefits and I’m excited to share all these ideas in the conference.

Beside producing films, I also find it very essential for my producing club in Egypt that we need to exchange so many ideas and knowledge with the film professionals from the UK, I need to collaborate with British mentors and professionals in the film industry so that I can offer them the chance to come to Egypt and exchange their information with the young aspiring film producers from Egypt. This will add a very professional and important step in enriching the collaboration between Egypt and the UK and I believe it will be very beneficial.

Why are you excited to attend the BEYOND conference?

I’m so interested to dive more into the creative economy world and learn as much as I can from the conference to enrich my knowledge. Moreover, I’m so excited to meet a lot of attendees to the conference from all over the world and discover more about their experiences and see the potential of our mutual future collaborations. I believe I can build a good network from the conference with other people who can relate to my creative industry and share together our thoughts and future plans.
I also believe that I can tell the attendees about the Egyptian Film Producers Club I’m running in Cairo and discuss with them how this initiative can affect the creative economy in Egypt and empower more Egyptian film professionals to rise and shine.

I Made Adhi Pratama - Indonesia

Cooperation Analyst,Technical Team Member & International Steering Committee Moderator, WCCE Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

Indonesia-UK Collaboration: The Language of Creativity

When a sitcom called ‘Kelas Internasional’ aired on Indonesian TV, I was intrigued by its unique premise: the funny dynamics of international students, learning a foreign language. Then, when I discovered that it was based on a classic ITV show called ‘Mind Your Language’, I was even more intrigued: how on earth did the British creatives came up with that idea in the 1970s?

Granted, a lot has changed in both nations’ cultural perception. But the fact that an Indonesian TV show was inspired by that series, signifies how UK-Indonesia creative cooperation is now more important than ever. Both Indonesia and the UK share one similar vision: to be a prominent creative nation. In my eye as a policy analyst, this is ultimately feasible; while the UK has advanced as a trendsetter in Creative Economy policy, Indonesia is powered by its powerful cultural and creative assets.

Since the signing of the Indonesia-UK MoU on Creative Economy in 2012, both countries have enjoyed fruitful collaborations, from Indonesia’s participation at London Book Fair and Edinburgh Fringe to British Council Arts residency programs, to Indonesia’s World Conference on Creative Economy initiative. This collaboration provides world-class opportunities to represent both nations’ creative sectors.

Another collaboration will commence in the coming days via BEYOND 2023, where Indonesia is represented by a delegation and speaker, joining the global conversation on creative economy. From AI utilization to Global South discussions to creative industries’ development, these timely themes contribute to the future of our creative world. I for one cannot wait to participate in the conference and reap the knowledge.

While both countries may speak different languages, just like the students in both the ‘Kelas Internasional’ and ‘Mind Your Language’ TV series, Indonesia and the UK speak one common language that is limitless, universal, and will empower future collaboration, and that is the language of Creativity.

Jamile Machado - Brazil

Coordinator of Tourism Promotion for Salvador da Bahia

Tell us about yourself and your work

Our focus is strategically promoting the city's rich cultural heritage globally. Salvador, as Brazil's inaugural capital, holds unique cultural and historical significance, creating a special and welcoming community. Our mission is to share Salvador's richness—its people, culture, music, dance, cuisine, and fashion—fostering global appreciation. As a governmental institution, we prioritize visitors' needs, ensuring an exceptional stay through online and offline campaigns showcasing diverse experiences, including Gastronomy, Sun and Sea, History and Culture, Afrotourism, and Religious attractions. Our goal is to provide an enriching and memorable experience.

What opportunities do you see for collaboration between Brazil and the UK?

Brazil and the UK share a longstanding history of diplomatic relations, offering numerous opportunities for collaboration. Brazil, as South America's largest economy, provides openings in trade and investment, notably in agriculture, energy, and technology. Both nations also hold vast potential for tourism cooperation. Brazil's natural beauty and cultural richness make it an enticing destination for British travellers, while the UK's historical landmarks attract Brazilian tourists.

Collaborative tourism initiatives, including marketing campaigns and cultural exchanges, can enhance visitor flow. Salvador da Bahia, Brazil's first capital, stands out with its Afro-Brazilian heritage, music scene, and colonial architecture, making it a focal point for Brazil-UK tourism collaboration. By emphasizing Salvador's significance, these collaborations strengthen cultural ties, contributing to economic development and enhancing bilateral relations.

How do the creative industries relate to your work in promoting Salvador da Bahia?

The UK creative industries find Salvador da Bahia exceptionally enticing for several reasons. The city's rich Afro-Brazilian heritage provides a unique source of inspiration for artists, filmmakers, musicians, and designers, with a vibrant cultural scene fostering collaboration and creative exploration. Salvador's historical significance as Brazil's first capital adds appeal, offering well-preserved colonial architecture and cultural monuments as visually stunning backdrops. The blend of cultural influences creates an authentic atmosphere that resonates with those seeking unique narratives. Additionally, Salvador's gastronomic richness presents collaboration opportunities for chefs and the food industry in the UK, with its fusion of African, Indigenous, and Portuguese flavours offering a captivating culinary experience. Overall, Salvador da Bahia serves as a dynamic and culturally charged canvas, offering ample opportunities for artistic exploration and collaborative projects with the UK creative industries.

What interests you the most about attending the BEYOND conference?

I am eager to attend the BEYOND conference for its diverse line-up of influential speakers, providing invaluable insights into innovation, technology, and societal trends. The opportunity to engage with thought leaders promises to broaden my perspectives and directly benefit my work. The conference's networking opportunities are a significant draw, fostering collaborations and generating ideas that can be applied to further develop tourism in Salvador da Bahia. As a city representative, I am excited about contributing to and drawing inspiration from the collective energy and creativity of such conferences. BEYOND represents a unique platform essential for expanding our network and contributing to the discourse on innovation and progress.

Learn more about the BEYOND conference here.