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25 October 2015

Seeking a producer! Creative Hubs event Vietnam

We're looking for a UK based producer to lead on the content and delivery of a two day event for creative hubs in Vietnam.

Saigon Outcast


The event will be a practical response to a report mapping Vietnam’s creative hubs that British Council commissioned in December 2014. 

One of the main findings from the research was that the 40 hubs interviewed indicated they would like “a conference to introduce and connect all creative hubs together - an opportunity for them to meet, to share ideas and to build an action plan together in order to build a stronger and bigger creative community.”

The research showed that in addition, hubs wanted specific skills training in areas such as (but not restricted to): management skills, income generation, business planning, and how to attract funding and investment.

The project

The British Council Creative Economy team is planning to deliver an event in Ho Chi Minh City from 8-9 March 2016 which is responsive to the needs identified in the research.  We will be inviting approximately 20 hub founders and managers from Vietnam and 3 - 5 from the wider East Asia region to attend the event.  British Council Vietnam will lead on the event management.  We would like this event to dynamic and to use the knowledge and experience of the audience as well as being a learning and networking opportunity for them. 

What we are looking for

We are looking for a UK based producer to lead on the content, guided by the research and by communications with a Vietnam hubs steering group committee (this will be convened by British Council Vietnam).  The Vietnam steering group will be able to advise on local experts and case studies and these will be contacted and arranged through British Council Vietnam.

In order to make sure the event highlights examples of best practice in the UK, we would anticipate that the event includes presentations and case studies from 2 or 3 UK creative hubs, as well as some facilitation on skills workshops by UK facilitators.  The UK producer will lead on finding and engaging these most suitable UK experts.  However, the content will need to be tailored for the Vietnam/ East Asian context and so local experts are to be engaged where appropriate.


We are expecting the producer to advise on outputs for the two day event.


The event’s action/ lasting outcomes will include:

  • Vietnam’s creative hubs make lasting connections with each other, and  start a dynamic network which will continue to exist after the event.
  • Vietnam’s creative hubs share knowledge and experience about the issues that face the development and sustainability of creative hubs in Vietnam and start to develop best practice models which can be shared with the assistance of British Council Vietnam and other key partners.
  • Attendees leave with new skills as a result of attending the skills workshops events programmed.
  • Vietnam and East Asian hubs connect with UK hubs and develop opportunities to stay connected for knowledge sharing.
  • Vietnamese hub managers and founders learn about the creative hub movement in the UK.
  • UK hub attendees learn about the development of the creative hub movement in Vietnam and opportunities for collaboration for their members.
  • The British Council Vietnam is seen as a supporter and convener of the creative hubs scene in Vietnam, East Asia and the rest of the world.

All outcomes will support key tenets of British Council Arts and Creative Economy’s theories of change, namely that our work:

  • promotes locally owned innovative sustainable spaces.
  • civil society becomes more entrepreneurial and influential.
  • social and economic wellbeing improves.
  • leading to stronger creative sectors around the world that are better connected to the UK.


£7,000 (10 day preparatory work, 3 days delivery, 1 day wrap up at £500 a day). The British Council will cover travel, accommodation and subsistence for the event in Vietnam in addition to the fee, and will also cover the costs of any addtional workshop leaders as required (to be agreed with British Council).

Expressions of interest

Please send a short 2 page outline indicating how you would respond to the brief above along with a CV that shows your experience in producing similar projects to by midnight on Wednesday 18 November 2015