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Creative Enterprise Toolkit

Are you starting or running a creative business? Nesta’s Creative Enterprise Toolkit is a practical resource to help you plan, build, test, communicate and launch your new creative business.

Specifically designed for creative people, the activities in the Creative Enterprise Toolkit are focused on developing both you and your business idea.
As well as exploring your values, identifying customers, developing your marketing messages, you will consider what future success looks like to you and develop a business plan that suits your motivations and aspirations.

The toolkit contains:

  • Four handbooks to help shape your creative idea into a business
  • Activity worksheets for you to explore and visualise the key issues of the business
  • Case studies of successful creative entrepreneurs from around the world who have used the Creative Enterprise Toolkit
  • Tutor notes for creative entrepreneur supporters with information on how to build a programme of activities

Nesta first launched the Creative Enterprise Toolkit in 2007 and has been translated into eight  languages. The toolkit is available to download free or a hard copy can be purchased in English .

Download in English

Download in Arabic 

Download in Spanish 

Download in Ukrainian

Download in Portuguese

Download in Russian

Download in Mandarin 

Download in Turkish

Download in Vietnamese 

Learn more about the Creative Enterprise Programme here. You can also read some of the success stories from international creative entrepreneurs here.