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Creative Hub Making in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City plays host to the first gathering of Creative Hubs across Vietnam, bringing together ideas for lasting networks and future community building in East Asia #hubs

Taking place on 6-8th March, Creative Hub Making brings 30 Creative Hubs across Vietnam together in a co-working programme aimed at sharing practical skills and stimulating a long-lasting network of Creative Hubs in East Asia.

The event hosted by ADC Academy in Ho Chi Minh City is a direct response to research findings commissioned by British Council in December 2014, in connection to how Creative Hubs in Vietnam might expand new business models, sustainability and future networking.

The programme of the practical event is split into a trio of rotating workshops, including discussions and the mapping of new business models and community building with all attendees having the opportunity to participate in each session.

The event also invites attendees from Malaysia and Indonesia to join in exploring how to map and support their burgeoning creative hub communities—with the opportunity to learn, share and access the mapping tools used in the workshops designed by partners, and facilitated by Shelagh Wright and Peter Jenkinson OBE.

With Creative Hub Making in Vietnam acting as a pilot project, the goal of the event is the extension of similar mapping and hub programmes across East Asia.

Sharing knowledge and insights from the UK at the event is Donna Holford-Lovell from Fleet Collective, Delphine Dallison from MAKlab, Christine James, Founder and Manager of Blick StudiosAdam Molyneux-Berry, Founder of icecairo and Jonathan Robinson, Co-Founder of Impact Hub.

Creative Hub Making in Ho Chi Minh City is funded by British Council and partnered by ADC Academy, and CafeBiz.