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Creative Cities

Creative Cities is a project curated in partnership with The Calvert Journal, that looks at uncovering and mapping the stories from an emerging creative generation in three cities across Wider Europe.

The British Council and The Calvert Journal, a guide to the contemporary culture of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia, are working together showcase the creative landscape in three emerging creative cities - Tashkent, Tirana and Yerevan.

Through this project we’re working with our networks in these cities to uncover the most inspiring and innovative people, projects and places that are shaping the creative economy.

In producing profiles of the creative ecosystems of these cities we will be supporting new narratives from the region, allowing people to understand more about the creative landscape of the cities, and the broader impacts of an emerging creative sector. The profiles can also be used as a practical asset for city discovery online and offline.

The city profiles will be published between October – December 2020.