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Circular Futures Lab

Let's design out waste! Makers from Southeast Asia meet in the UK for an incubation week of workshops around Circular Design

Alliance for Excellent Education - CC BY-NC 2.0

This new programme is a collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to support a more positive and circular future for the making and design sectors globally.

Six makers, designers and creative entrepreneurs have been selected from five different countries to collaborate in a programme of workshops focused on circular design.

The Circular design guide developed with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation with the design firm IDEO will form the foundation of the workshop activities.

This programme will begin on 22 November 2018 through the British Council’s session of the Disruptive Innovation Festival online. This session will act as preview of the Circular Futures Lab's programme of live workshops starting one week later from 3 – 7 December in London.

The selected delegates are six creative practitioners coming from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

The programme will aim to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration between practitioners from the UK and Southeast Asia. During hand-on sessions the delegates will become more fluid in material literacy and circular design. They will also gain new insights on how to address their own design challenge and learn tools to reproduce these practices at home.

The participants will receive grants on completion in order to carry-on the experimentations started during the week and disseminate the findings with their communities.

Circular Futures Lab is developed by the Creative Economy and Architecture Design and Fashion teams at the British Council, in collaboration with The Ellen MacArthur Foundation.