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Building Creative Communities Istanbul

Istanbul plays host to Building Creative Communities, a two-day event bringing together creative hub communities across Turkey and the UK #hubs

Building Creative Communities will bring together founders and members from over 40 creative hubs across Turkey and the UK. The event’s talks, workshops, case studies and networking opportunities aim to foster themes of future success and sustainability among creative hubs in Turkey.

Building Creative Communities follows the recent mapping work undertaken in partnership between British Council and ATÖLYE to identify the growing number of creative hubs in Turkey. Also present in Istanbul will be speakers from the UK, sharing a variety of experiences in building creative communities.

Both venues for the event are creative hubs located in Istanbul—with the first day being located on the European side of the city, the second day on the Asian side.

Topics under discussion include:

- The role of Creative Hubs as interdisciplinary interaction platforms

- How Creative Hubs develop entrepreneurial education and mentorship programmes

- Approaches to strengthen the startup communities/creative ecosystem

- Creative Hubs to develop urban solutions and trigger social impact

- Creative Hubs to offer co-working environment & revitalizing neighborhoods

- From co-working to co-creating society


Ayşe Sabuncu - Co-founder, Impact Hub Istanbul

Ahmet Onur - Co-founder, Kolektif House

Amy Martin - Co-founder, BearHeart & FAMALAM

Andy Reeve - Director, Impact Hub Birmingham

Bager Akbay - Co-founder, İskele 47

Can Saraçoğlu - Founding Partner, String Ventures

Engin Ayaz - Co-founder, ATÖLYE

Enis Erkel - Director, Koc University Incubation Center

Faruk Göksu - Founder, TAK Kadıköy

Gökçe Okandan - Director of Cultural Management Master Program, Bilgi University

Görkem Çetinkaya - Co-founder, Gestalt Zone

Helene Guillaume - Business Development, MarketTech

İhsan Elgin - Founder, FIT Startup Factory

Imandeep Kaur - Co-founder, Impact Hub Birmingham

Indy Johar - Co-founder, Project 00

Lora Schellenberg - Marketing Lead, General Assembly

Louise Latter - Head of Programming, Birmingham Open Media

Lu Li - Founder, Blooming Founders

Markus Lehto - Founder, Joint Idea

Memet Ünsal - Co-founder, InnoCampus

Nazey Erdilek & Esra Gönen - Co-founders, OriginN

Neşen Yücel - Co-founder, Stage-Co

Oliver Marlow - Creative Director, Studio Tilt

Building Creative Communities is produced by British Council with the support of the Great Campaign, in partnership with ATÖLYE and Kadıköy TAK, and UK-based creative producers Imandeep Kaur and Lora Schellenberg.