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AMPLIFY is an exciting initiative dedicated to empowering women in digital arts and practises to enlighten, embolden and contribute to the current cultural shift around inclusivity and gender issues.

AMPLIFY is an ambitious international initiative connecting an active network of women-identified artists and curators working in the digital arts; virtual reality, augemented reality and immersive storytelling sectors in Argentina, Canada, Peru and the UK. 

Working with Somerset House Studios and MUTEK across the Americas: The British Council wiill support an international cohort of female practitioners to build lasting connections with the Americas and UK network, develop a stronger community and challenge male dominated discourse and pratice within these spaces, whilst forging new ones.

Over the next year, many of the AMPLIFY artists and curators will embark on international residencies in London, Montreal, Lima and Buenos Aires. 

The first residency will take place at Somerset House Studios, London from the 4 - 9 June 2019. Participating artists will engage in a series of workshops, creative labs, performances and exhibitions, including Somerset House Studios public programme. 

For more information on our tech and interactive programmes please contact Emma Boulton