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3 x 3 Hubs

We've "twinned" creative hubs in the UK and Brazil through a series of short residencies. Partners include Brazil's Ministry of Culture. #hubs

Makerspaces and shared workspaces are driving the grassroots development of creative economies worldwide.  We're passionate about helping these communities connect with each other to share knowledge and their networks.  

Our hubs exchange programme is based on the idea that each hub has a person at the centre best placed to create connections to serve the hub community.  This person will have enough knowledge about their members to make useful connections that will help them in the short term but will also have the vision to network for long term benefit.  By giving this person an international experience, the benefits can be cascaded to the rest of the hub.  This person is usually the hub founder or manager.

Our programme 3 x 3 identifies creative hubs in the UK whose founders  want to make connections with similar hubs overseas.   The hubs are "twinned", and each founder spends one week being hosted at their counterpart hubs before being the host themselves at a later stage.

The first iteration of 3 x 3 saw UK hubs Chapter Arts, Makerversity and Centre for Contemporary Arts twinned with Templo and others.  The exchanges are taking place throughout 2015.