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5 June 2024

Seeking Research Proposals: Women in Iraq’s Creative Economy

We are seeking proposals for UK, Iraq & MENA based researchers & research teams to investigate the role of women in the creative economy of Iraq.

We are seeking proposals for UK, Iraq & MENA based researchers & research teams to undertake research of women in Iraq’s Creative Economy to gain insights into challenges and possibilities for women’s participation in the creative industries in Iraq.

The research should cover the main urban centres of Baghdad, Erbil, Basra and Sulaymaniyah, as well as other geographical locations to ensure the representation of diverse communities within Iraq.  The research assignment is from July 2024 – January 2024. In all cases, we expect collaboration with Iraqi researchers/ experts who can provide local expertise & capacity.

The main objectives of the research are:

  • To gain insight into women’s role in the creative economy in Iraq – what is the current status of women’s participation in the creative industries? What are specific needs and challenges facing their participation in the sector? What support opportunities are available for women creatives and where are the gaps? What are the success stories and lessons learned for successful creative women in Iraq that can be highlighted for the benefit of other women creatives?
  • To develop a roadmap of possible interventions to empower and increase women’s participation in the creative economy through a consultative and collaborative process with women creatives, sector leads and policy makers
  • To engage entrepreneurs, sector leaders and policy makers in a conversation around Iraqi women’s role creative economy, and the value and potential impact of empowering women creatives.

Research outputs are:

  • A detailed methodology for the research – this should be proposed by the supplier and then refined and finalised in consultation with British Council.
  • Delivery of research report on women’s position in the context of Iraqi creative economy highlighting needs, challenges and opportunities as well as key interventions. This report should include:
  • Information and analysis on the current and possible contribution of women to creating economic value and input into the creative economy in Iraq.
  • information on the key needs and challenges faced by women in the creative industries.
  • information on sector support initiatives and opportunities available to Iraqi women in the creative economy
  • Roadmap with identified actions and recommendations of next steps for the British Council and other Iraqi and international organisations with an interest in supporting women’s effective participation in the creative economy.  These recommendations should mirror the three levels that are outlined in the Creative Iraq research report: enterprise, leadership and skill and policy.
  • Development of detailed and diverse case studies of three to five Iraqi women creatives and / or women-led creative enterprises
  • A final presentation of the research targeting key stakeholders who have engaged with the research.  Preference is for face-to-face presentation in two locations in Iraq – Baghdad and Erbil. 
  • A PowerPoint slide deck presenting the key findings, which the British Council can use within internal/external presentations. British Council PowerPoint templates will be provided.

If you are interested, please contact: