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8 August 2023

Iraq Creative Enterprise Bootcamp (this open call is now closed)

We’re looking for a UK-based partner to design and deliver an in-person bootcamp for creative and cultural entrepreneurs in Iraq.

The Creative Enterprise Bootcamp will focus on developing essential business and leadership skills for 12 Iraqi cultural and creative entrepreneurs. The intensive bootcamp will be delivered in Erbil, Iraq between October – December 2023.

The main objectives of the programme are;

  • to develop the skills of early-to-mid career creative leaders to be able to develop sustainable creative enterprises/interventions that have cultural and social value and can secure financial investment.
  • to increase participants’ awareness and understanding of the creative economy, its value and potential impact, and how to build engagement in the sector.
  • to establish a core group of cultural and creative entrepreneurs (who can become a future alumni network) who will actively engage with the programme in the medium to long term.

The deliverables of the UK delivery partner include;

  • designing a 4-day bootcamp (5 hours/day) including training material (audio visuals, presentations, templates etc)
  • 2 mentoring sessions for the 12 participants for their creative enterprise/cultural initiative development
  • compiling a list of resources and materials for further information about the topics covered in the training sessions
  • participating in the selection of the 12 participants
  • participating in the post-training selection panel for seed fund awards

The deadline to submit a a proposal is Monday 11 September at 11:59am

You can access all tender documents here

For more information, please contact Head of Art, Iraq – Tanya Mahir.