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13 May 2022

Ongoing research: Mapping Creative Hubs in Wales

We are working with the fantastic team at Creative Cardiff, to develop a mapping and analysis of creative hubs in Wales.

In this ever-changing global landscape, we believe hubs are integral to the sustainability and growth of the creative economy, as well as to balanced societies. A mapping of creative hubs is hugely benefical exercise in assessing the value of the ecosystem and the impact creative hubs bring.

In 2022 we are aiming to publish a study of creative hubs from Wales. An England report and a Scotland one have already been published in 2021, and a similar exercise is currently being completed in Northern Ireland. The report from Wales will complete the collection and help provide an overview of creative hubs across the four UK nations.

The purpose of this mapping report is to build an up-to-date overview of the hubs operating in Wales, their profiles, sustainability, impact and challenges.

The report will help facilitate an understanding of hubs’ progress and change over the years and will be an invaluable resource of information that would facilitate tailored international opportunities for UK hubs (by looking at their profiles, thematic expertise, focus and challenges).

If you represent a creative hub based in Wales, please have a look at the ongoing survey here:

Wales creative hubs mapping survey

The survey will close on xx.05.2022