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1 March 2020

TransLocal Cooperation Exhibition

Translocal Cooperation is a free exhibition open from 13 March - 19 April 2020 at Furtherfield Gallery. The exhibition presents the work produced by artists who took part in the Connect for Creativity Art and Technology residencies in 2019.

Probiotic Rituals by Ioana Man

Translocal Cooperation is a free exhibition open from 13 March - 19 April 2020 at Furtherfield Gallery 

  • Thursday – Sunday, 12:00 – 18:00, or by apt.

In June 2019, we launched an open call for 12 emerging and established artists from an aray of disciplines to take part in the Connect for Creativity Art and Technology residencies. 

The aim of the residencies were to raise awareness of immersive and digital art across Europe and strengthen their ability to make and collaborate on international projects now and in the future.

Throughout the immersive six-week programme, participants explored how a networked culture can develop cohesion to deal with the uncertainty and change that pervades modern life; the outcome of this was Translocal Cooperation. 

An exhibition of works born of cooperation and knowledge exchange between Turkish, Greek, Serbian and British artists seeking translocal solidarity in a hyper-connected world.


As our world has become hyper-connected it has enabled us to simultaneously occupy or travel through numerous physical and virtual locations. A result of this is that we increasingly each identify with more than one place or culture. This social and cultural aspect of globalisation is often described in terms of ‘translocality’, where the events, conditions and attachments of one location can rapidly influence and connect with another.


Connect for Creativity is an 18-month project led by the British Council, in collaboration with ATÖLYE and Abdullah Gül University in Turkey, Bios in Greece and Nova Iskra in Serbia. The project is part of the Intercultural Dialogue Programme that is led by the Yunus Emre Institute and is co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey. The project aims to form a network of creative hubs across Europe to foster creative exploration and collaboration that contributes to building a more cohesive, open and connected civil society.

Come and experience it for yourself at the exhibition curated by Futherfield, Lina Džuverović, Diana Georgiou and Huma Kabakcı. 

The Translocal Cooperation exhibition runs from 13 March - 19 April 2020 at Furtherfield Gallery in the heart of Finsbury Park, London.