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Sub Saharan Africa Creative Economy Programme

The Sub Saharan Africa Creative Economy programme is a three year programme that supports young people to develop sustainable livelihoods in the creative and cultural industries.

Maganga Mwagogo

Fashion DNA, our Creative Enterprise programme taking place in Sudan

The Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) Creative Economy programme aims to increase the impact that creative enterprises have on enhancing opportunities for young people, and strengthening the creative economies of the UK and SSA through opportunities, insight and resources.

Our research into the next generation of young people in the region and the UK tells us that people want:

  • Spaces to talk, share concerns, and support each other
  • Business skills training, and peer to peer mentorship opportunities
  • Capital to start-up creative businesses of their own

Our programmes are delivered by partners who have a rich understanding of their creative communities, who stimulate new ways of connecting, sharing skills and knowledge between creatives in Sub Saharan Africa and the UK.