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Creative Enterprise Skills Workshops

We work with Nesta to share their Creative Enterprise Toolkit with creative start-ups around the world. #enterprise

"Everything is clear and I know how to plan my company step by step… I can see the big picture, and all the details" - Zuhal Canyurt, participant in Creative Enterprise Toolkit Training, Izmir, Turkey.

Download the 2016 updated English language toolkit for free HERE


We've partnered with UK innovation agency Nesta to internationalise their Creative Enterprise programme, which helps creative professionals turn their skills into a business.  It's aimed at people whose businesses are no more than two years old.

The training introduces creative and practical tools which offer a useful framework for developing, testing and turning creative ideas into a sustainable practice. The workshops are participatory, allowing people to explore and develop their own values, skills, ambitions and confidence.  They also encourage participants to question each other's models, on the basis that creative practices need to stand up to scrutiny if they are to be resilient and sustainable.

We've run these workshops in Nigeria, Russia, UAE, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania and Brazil, and the programme continues to roll out globally. We've translated the Toolkit into Mandarin, Turkish, Russian, Vietnamese and Portuguese and made them available as free downloads. It has been designed to help creative founders develop their business ideas step-by-step and discover - within a tried and tested framework - what values and relationships are important to their enterprises.  So far, we've helped develop the skills capacity of over 500 creative enterprise founders globally.

"(This training programme) gave us the opportunity to discover non-traditional and non-directive ways on how to deliver assistance to people... We are looking forward to sharing and enlightening more people with the knowledge we’ve gained during the training." - Nikka Ross Turado, Philippines Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Creative Industries section.