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Yuri Suzuki

Yuri Suzuki

Yuri’s work blends technological know-how and great ideas with playful, thought-provoking results.

Yuri has made a wide range of works that have appeared in exhibitions internationally, from The Sound of the Earth, a spherical record that takes listeners on an aural journey around the world in 30 minutes, to Garden of Russolo, an interactive sound installation that allows visitors to engage in a sonic experience using their own voice.

“My work is interdisciplinary, bringing together interactive design, music, art, electronics and people. I am interested in the relation between sound and people, and how music and sound affects people’s minds.”

As well as building objects and installations, Yuri is also keen to help people understand the complexities of modern technologies. In a collaboration with Technology Will Save Us, he created Denki Puzzle, a DIY kit comprising of bespoke printed circuit board pieces, which when assembled, could be made into actual working appliances, such as radios or a lighting system.

“I am fascinated by the accessibility of technology and user interaction. Denki Kit allows users to easily build working appliances, and through the process of assembly, gain an understanding and appreciation of more complex technologies. I hope this project encourages people to think about technology and have the confidence to fix their own electronic devices.”

Yuri collaborates with people worldwide and was recently commissioned by onedotzero to be part of their cascade_za workshop and create a piece of workas part of Connect ZA, the British Council’s 2014-16 UK/South Africa cultural season. As the firstTshimologong Precienct Resident, he worked with local artists Bogosi Sekhukhuni,Neo Mahlaselaand technologist Nathan Gates, to hack musical instruments and create quirky, intriguing performances in public space. The works were showcased in Johannesburg as part ofFak’ugesi Digital Africa Festival in September 2014.