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Venzha Christ

Venzha Christ

Global Futr Lab Participant 2015

Venzha Christ is a new media artist who has set up a new media art lab called ‘HONF’ in Yogyakarta. He is taking part in British Council/ FutureEverything's Global Futr Lab At FutureEverything, Manchester in February 2015.

HONF is a space to share and grow ideas and a place for wider society, including artists, creative practitioners, scientists, hackers, activists, and the public to come together in an exploratory and responsive dialogue. In 2011 HONF Lab became HONF Foundation dedicated to fusing education, art and technology with local communities. Through the lab Venzha has produced and organized public art installations, media performances, media art festivals, technology research, videowork festivals, workshops and discussions.

 HONF Foundation also runs an Education Focus Programme (EFP), to build connections between local/creative communities (whose interest and focus is on new media), scientists, and creators/artists. EFP also aims is to make connections between universities/laboratories with expertise in technology and media artists/theorists who are interested in media art, and science and technology. Overall Venzha is dedicated to reinforcing the interest in and analysis of technology in artistic production and theory to build bridges between art and technology and within the HONF Foundation networks.