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Tomás Lipgot

Tomás Lipgot

YCE Winner

Tomás Lipgot is a Director and Cinema Producer. In 2009 he founded Duermevela, his own film production company.

He studied film and arts at the University of Cinema and multimedia production studies at the Music School of Buenos Aires (EMBA).

He has directed and produced ten short films and five feature films.His works have been shown at more than fifty international film festivals and have won several prizes and mentions.

He created his first feature film Safe in 2004. In 2010 he made his first documentary Fortresses which won, in 2011, the top prize at the 11th Fenavid in Bolivia, the country’s largest and most important film festival. Also in 2012 he premiered Ricardo Becher, the final stage. In 2011 he produced Moacir which won the "Best documentary" prize at the 29 Rencontres du cinéma Latino-Américain in Bordeaux, France 2012.In 2012 he premiered The tree that grows on the wall about Jack Fuchs, a Holocaust survivor who lives in Argentina.

Currently he is working on an animation film called Gilgamesh, the man who never wanted to die based on the "Epic of Gilgamesh", the ancient history of humanity. He is also researching a new documentary about the gypsies.