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Tatiana Rais

Tatiana Rais

YCE Winner

Tatiana Rais is the Director and founding member of Espacio Odeón: Centro Cultural, a non-profit cultural centre in the heart of Bogota.

Espacio Odeón: Centro Cultural, is a ground-breaking space in Colombia where culture and art come alive and Tatiana Rais,it's Director, is dedicated to bringing contemporary art to the community in all its facets: visual, performance, theatre, dance, video and inter-disciplinary. The organization works out of a historic theatre in the heart of Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, and Tatiana and her team have been working for the past three years on creating cultural content and engaging audiences. Espacio Odeon had been abandoned and left to deteriorate for 15 years before being renovated by Tatiana and her team in 2011, and the building itself has iconic status within the city, where it once served as Bogota’s first cinema, and then later as one of the most important theatres in the country.

As the Director and founding member of Espacio Odeón, Tatiana oversees the development of all of their activities, including, so far, three contemporary art fairs, 10 site-specific art installations, and 3 theatre shows. Through these projects Tatiana and her team aim to foster dialogue about art, culture and its context within Colombia and the Espacio Odeón immediate community.

Tatiana graduated with an Art History degree from Tufts University in 2011. During her time at Tufts, she worked as assistant manager to Asher Remy-Toledo, the co-founder and director ofNo Longer Empty, an organization focussed on recuperating abandoned spaces and reaching out to the community around it, through site-specific art installations. She also developed a workshop through a fellowship program granted by Tufts University, focused on art education for children in deprived neighbourhoods.

Tatiana on the cultural sector in Bogota: “In terms of culture, Bogotá is booming. In the past ten years, more galleries and non-profit arts organizations have started to rise. More importantly, the idea of working together and creating a network of alliances has also developed, so that now the industry is working together to engage established audiences and surprise new ones. Furthermore, the public sector also has over 1,000 grant applications opened each year for non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting art. The private sector, through companies’ individual social responsibility programs, is beginning to invest in different cultural organizations. The problem with this however, is that there is still not enough investment and grant opportunities being offered through the public sector to satisfy the entire industry.”

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