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Ridwan Kamil

Ridwan Kamil


Ridwan Kamil is an award-winning architect based in Bandung and founder of the Bandung Creative City Forum. In 2013 he was elected mayor of Bandung, a post he will hold until 2018.

Holding a Masters in Urban Design degree from the University of California at Berkeley and working for 7 years in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong, Ridwan Kamil returned home in 2003 to establish his own architecture and design firm, Urbane Indonesia.

“What we need, of course, are leaders with vision who can fix things with new solutions whilst understanding how to think differently and how to inspire people to work together”

Ridwan’s background in urban design provides him with a unique approach to urban planning. Initiatives such as the Regia City Forest, Bandung food festival and picnics, bring people together to celebrate what they do well.

“Instead of using policies, as the foundation for the city’s development we take a special interest inthe development of arts and culture in the city, especially to encourage community bonding.”

Ridwan also teaches architecture and writes on design and urbanism issues. He is currently promoting his "Good Design is Good Business" concept nationwide, to raise better awareness of the importance of design in many large-scale projects in Indonesia.

Ridwan was the Indonesian participant of the British Council's Young Creative Entrepreneur (Design) Award in 2006. Since taking part, Ridwan has collaborated regularly with the British Council and most recently he is advising on a new cultural leadership programme in East Asia.