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Professor Andy Pratt

Professor Andy Pratt

Andy is an internationally acclaimed expert on the topic of the cultural industries.

Andy is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts; and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a Certified Geographer. He has worked in local radio and as an academic researcher. He has held academic appointments previously at Coventry University (Planning and Local Economic Development), Staffordshire University (Geography), University College London (Bartlett School of Planning) before joining LSE in 1998-2009. He joined City University in 2013, following four years at KCL.

Andy has published over 80 books, chapters and articles. He has guest edited several special issues of international journals on the cultural industries: International Journal of Cultural Policy, Growth and Change and forthcoming special issues of Theory, Culture and Society; and, Information, Communication and Society.

Andy specialises the analysis of the cultural industries in the US, Europe and Japan. This research has three strands. The first focuses on the spatial clustering of cultural industries with particular attention to New York, San Francisco, London and Tokyo. The second strand concerns the definition and measurement of employment in the cultural, or creative, industries.

Andy has produced definitions of the cultural sector that have been taken up and used as standard measures by national and regional agencies in the UK and internationally (UNCTAD and UNESCO). He is currently working on the development and analysis of policy for the cultural industries, as well as an international comparative measure of employment in the cultural industries.

Recent research projects include (all three funded by UK Economic and Social Research Council)

  • The film and television industry production chain in the UK
  • New media clusters in the UK
  • Cultural industries seminar network

Andy has worked, amongst others, as a consultant or advisor for the London Development Agency, South East Development Agency, the Arts Council, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, Department of Trade and Industry, NESTA. Outside the UK: Hong Kong SAR, Barcelona, Catalunya, Bilbao; the EU, UNESCO, and UNCTAD.

More info and downloads of papers:

Advisory Boards

Member of the Steering Committee on the European Cultural Creative Summit , 2009

Member of Forum on the Creative Industries

Advisory Board: Media Industries Research Centre, Leeds University

Advisory Board: German Marshall Fund, Transatlantic cities network

Member of GLA London Cultural Reference Group

Editorial Board: Geoforum (2003-9), City, Space and Society (2009- )

Member of the advisory group of the HEIF funded project Researching Cultural and Creative Industries in London (RCCIL) web-based database

Member of the Culture Equality Group