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Paula Corroto

Paula Corroto

YCE Winner burst onto the scene in June 2012 as the first online magazine dedicated entirely to digital books - and made especially for the people that read them.

Created by Paula Corroto, Begoña Minguito and María Álvarez,'s mission is to inform its readers of the most leading-edge editorial innovations happening on the web and help them navigate the plethora of choice available. It also provides its readers with exclusive content, e-book extracts, interviews with authors and book reviews.

Each edition includes a list of recommendations for reading based on the theme of the month – that has ranged from the economic crisis to sport .

“We go where the readers go” is the tagline, as is the first digital magazine available in ebook format to download from Kindle or Amazon.


As well as publicising books from Latin American authors, the magazine also strives to give exposure to authors writing in Spanish who haven’t been published yet - a smart move considering the Spanish speaking literature market can reach up to 400 million readers.

On top of that, the reader can buy any book recommended by with one single click, which takes them straight to the purchasing platform. Enter, browse and decide – as quickly as one might in a physical book shop, but with a whole range of extras to enhance the process.

Paula is also a freelance journalist and writes regularly for El Diario, Forbes, Esquire, Mujer Hoy and Jotdown. She was born in Madrid, where she studied journalism, and studied her masters in Media Consulting in Berlin.

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