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Nozomi Matsuyama

Nozomi Matsuyama

Global Futr Lab Participant 2015

Matsuyama is an award winning creative film maker from Osaka, Japan. She is taking part in British Council/ FutureEverything's Global Futr Lab At FutureEverything, Manchester in February 2015.

In 2008 she graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art with a BA (Hons) in Film and TV.  Her most successful film, “Gift” (ECA 2008) was selected for the Scottish Screen’s “Best of Scottish Shorts 2008” and has also screened in international film festivals.

"The World" (video installation, independent 2014)

Matsuyama is dedicated to finding ways to retain analogue quality in digital work. In April 2014, she revealed her first video installation piece at “Sckell Building Exhibition” which was organised by celebrated
artist Tadashi Mitani and was shown at Oval Gallery, Osaka to great acclaim. Matsuyama is keen to show how collaboration can work between creators with different skills, knowledge, experience and careers. She wants to tackle issues such as ‘centralisation’ and ‘inequality’ in the digital age, to show that there is no need to draw a line between digital and analogue, and that the key for the future is inclusion.

"Gift" (experimental drama, ECA 2008)