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Noor Al Suwaidi

Noor Al Suwaidi

CLI Participant 2010

Noor currently works as a curator at the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), a master developer of major tourism destinations in Abu Dhabi.

Noor recently completed her MA in Curating Contemporary Design at Kingston University in partnership with the Design Museum, London. During her course, Noor explored the collection and curation of design and visual arts. Her research focused on the founding of the New York's Museum of Modern Art NY, London's V&A Museum and the history of modern design. Other aspects of research focused on individual artists, exhibitions and the art market. This experience has enriched Noor’s knowledge about the history behind collecting, curating and funding in the arts. She hopes to adapt all this experience, creating a sustainable art scene with Emirati production at its core.

Since graduation, Noor joined the TDIC public programming department, co-curating a show for five young artists from the UAE and has had several group shows in London since then. She plans to continue her education, with another Masters in Fine Art, increasing knowledge of art theory and practice. She aims to obtain a PhD and use this knowledge to assist and teach future Emirati artists. A Masters in Fine Art will help Noor represent the UAE as an arts ambassador and allow her to develop the local art scene, through arts management and exhibitions.

Noor was born in 1981 in Abu Dhabi and was educated in the United States. She studied visual communications at the American University of Sharjah before transferring to the American University in Washington DC to complete her BA in Studio Art.