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Nhat Linh Phan Gia

Nhat Linh Phan Gia


Nhat Linh, Founder, Yxine Film Fest

With a focus on young filmmakers and a drive to nurture new talent, Linh has been central in developing a model that is helping the Vietnamese film industry build strong foundations for the future.

Since graduating from USC's School of Cinematic Arts, Linh has worked across the film industry in Vietnam as an independent filmmaker, co-founding the Yxine Film Fest in 2010.

Yxine Film Fest is Vietnam’s first online Vietnamese short film festival which now also puts on screenings at film festivals across the world.

“In the last few years the festival has expanded significantly, mainly due to collaboration with the wider Vietnamese film industry. We are now integrating more events and training, to support new film makers and talent”

“The online element of the festival allows people to be braver and challenge authority and government censorship. We want to support new voices and create new collaborations and partnerships to change things.”

In Autumn 2014, the Yxine Film Festival is working with British Council on Pitch Fest, which brings together UK film producers with emerging Vietnamese talent to develop new ideas and scripts.

Nhat Linh was Vietnam’s winner of the British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur (Multimedia) Award 2013.