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Megan Powell Vreeswijk

Megan Powell Vreeswijk

Megan is one of Nesta's new Creative Enterprise trainers and works as Senior Commercialisation Fellow at Loughborough University's Studio.

She has extensive business start-up and entrepreneurial experience in the creative sector. She currently delivers support and training programmes to new businesses as part of the Studio (Loughborough University's graduate commercialisation hub for creative and commercial start-ups)and manages its activities alongside promoting and securing opportunities for entrepreneurs, potential investors and partners.

Megan has a strong background in design, product development, fashion & textiles and contour fashion. Having run her own businesses and helped others raise funding and start theirs, she is well placed to assist creative businesses realise their ambitions.With first-hand experience of working with Intellectual Property rights (IPRs), Megan has developed a family of patents and design registrations. This knowledge enables her to assist new creative practitioners in protecting their ideas and work in the most effective manner.

Since August 2013, Megan is one of Nesta’s accredited Creative Enterprise Trainers.

In her own words...
Why: ‘I am passionate about working with and mentoring new businesses. The energy and drive that they have to take their idea to reality and create their dream has always inspired me. It's an honour to be able to share my experiences and understanding of the business world to help them achieve this.'

Sectoral or international interests: 'As I work across many different industries from the creative sector (fashion and product design) through to Engineering (automotive and aeronautical) to Sports and Health Sciences, I find that my interests have grown across all areas. I have a strong background in product and fashion design and have experience in protecting creations through IPRs. The last company that I assisted in IPR registration has been selected by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) as an outstanding example of the use of IPR protection in SMEs.'

Megan speaks English,Dutch and basic French.