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Mark Davy

Mark Davy


Mark Davy set up Futurecity in 2001 to respond to the burgeoning interest in culture and regeneration.

Under his stewardship the agency now has over 30 clients in the property industry and around 100 live projects, including cultural planning supporting the regeneration of towns and cities; cultural programmes designed to provide real identity for brownfield sites; and ambitious public art and creative industry programmes.

Futurecity has been directly responsible for substantial investment in the arts over the past 10 years, enabling high-level cultural contacts with galleries & museums, foundations & universities, policy think tanks, artists and designers and cultural organisations from around the world.

Markis also a Research Fellow at London Metropolitan University, Chair of the visual arts festival Deptford X, London in 2011, a Fellow of the Academy of Urbanism, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and sits on the Advisory Committee for Arts and Business andDirector of the Ebbsfleet Landmark Project.

Mark is a speaker at the Pernambuco Criativo International Summit, Brazil, June 2012