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Liz Corbin

Liz Corbin

Participant - 'Living Research: Making in China'

Liz Corbin is a researcher of materials and process based at the Institute of Making, the main focus of her PHD research being the emerging UK maker community in relation to cultures of practice and manufacturing.

Mapping London's makerspaces.

Liz's research is being carried out over the course of three years and done in collaboration predominantly with the 39+ makespaces, hackspaces, Fab Labs and open workshops currently operating in London. Her research comes at a time of increased interest and speculation into the broader “Maker Movement”. Her project extends beyond the anecdotal, developing a research programme that responds to the participating organisation's needs and producing in-depth analysis which serves as a useful tool for supporting and developing workshops and maker communities.

Liz has driven the formation and continual support of The Open Workshop Network, an informal member-run cooperative and digital platform that that exists to support and celebrate the diverse expertise, practices and interests of London’s highly diverse maker community.

From printmaking to welding, 3D scanning to plaster casting, The Open Workshop Network provides a place for people to learn about and connect with the many London-based organisations that are dedicating themselves to providing publicly accessible means for making.

Liz is a participant on 'Living Research: Making in China', helping us to understand Chinese maker culture through practical creativity and collaboration.