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Liliana Andrade

Liliana Andrade

YCE Finalist

Liliana is a journalist, TV producer and entrepreneur with a passion for music. She has worked in TV for 15 years, using it as a route to support the local music scene in Colombia through all means available.

Liliana began her career as a producer of music shows at a local TV station in Bogota, learning about the business and building her connections in the music industry, moving on to gain serious commercial experience as executive producer of a number of reality shows for international TV stations.

In 2004 she started her own production company, Velouria TV, focussing on growing the business as well as becoming a correspondent for various cable channels, including prominent Latin American music platforms HTV and Much Music.

In 2008 Liliana decided it was time to do more in music through new non-expensive technologies that were available and created an innovative new platform, El Parlante Amarillo. This is the first of its kind in Colombia, bringing consolidating music and independent and professional AV and media together.She is now General Producer of this website which is aimed at music lovers, presenting through short, fun videos, providing information about music and culture from Colombia and Latin America to the world.

Liliana was a fianlist of the YCE Music Award 2011.