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Leila Johnston

Leila Johnston

Global Futr Lab Participant 2015

Leila Johnston is a writer, artist, entertainer and publisher, working on the intersection of technology and art to create and curate meaningful experiences about the limits of humanity. She is taking part in British Council/ FutureEverything's Global Futr Lab At FutureEverything, Manchester in February 2015.

In 2013 Leila launched a creative collective, Hack Circus. Tackling speculative, creative and edgy ideas from tech, science and philosophy, it takes the form of a quarterly event series with specially commissioned interactive art works, an occasional podcast and a quarterly magazine on a different theme each time.

Leila won a residency at Lighthouse Arts in Brighton to develop the project over the summer last year. Coverage since then has included a film for BBC Click, an interview by Cory Doctorow for The Guardian and a profile in the SMES entrepreneur supplement in The Times. Over the last year Hack Circus’s achievements have included sending an arts centre into space, resolving Artificial Intelligence, successfully receiving messages from the future, and establishing once and for all that reality is an illusion.