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Leena El-Khereiji

Leena El-Khereiji

YCE Winner

Leena is the Co-Owner and main Designer at Charmaleena Fine Jewellery, a Saudi brand of conceptual and contemporary wearable art.

Leena and her sister Hala co-founded and launched Charmaleena in April 2012, with the mission to make original, art inspired jewellery. The brand was launched at the prestigious Jewellery Salon Exhibition (Al-Sunaidi) in Jeddah and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) , and was positively received by the international jewellery community.

Prior to launching the brand, Leena gained over three years of work experience in creative design when she took her diploma from the GIA in London as a Jewellery Designer, with an accreditation as Jewellery professional (AJP). Leena participated at Al Sunaidi Exhibition Competition in Jeddah in April 2011. She was awarded first place for the best design inspired by Islamic architecture, which gave her the affirmation needed to launch her jewellery brand.

Leena's first collection, the Freedom collection, was inspired by the word. Freedom is a powerful and inspiring word, which has many interpretations. The design is delicate and multifunctional; the wing-shaped pendant transforms into an elegant pair of earrings.

On her work: As a Saudi jewellery designer, a lot of my pieces are inspired by my heritage, Arabic poetry and calligraphy, and capture influences from time spent abroad. My jewellery creates a cultural and artistic bridge between the East and West, and thus would create a strong niche in both national and international fine jewellery arenas. My vision for Charmaleena is to embrace innovation and translate this into attractive timeless pieces of fine jewellery. The multifunctional features of each design is something unique and original within the national and international fine jewellery marketplace. Charmaleena has redefined fine jewellery to reflect the needs of the elegant contemporary woman that desires quality, value, style and originality, without compromise.

Leena was interviewed about her YCE experience by Arab News -