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Lauren Bowker

Lauren Bowker

Creative Entrepreneur

Alchemist Lauren Bowker leads T H E U N S E E N with material science, knowledge and visions infused by Magick. She was recognised in the 2014 British Council/ h Club 100 Creative Entrepreneur awards.

Having graduated from the Manchester School of Art with the award winning Carbon emission sensing ink PdCl2, Lauren went on to study printed textiles at the Royal College of Art London; where she developed further multi-sensory chromic colour-change inks, which she portrayed to the world through provoking pieces, magic materials and extraordinary experiences. Lauren worked in the materials industry from aeronautics to couture under the name PHNX.

Since then, Lauren has exhibited worldwide from Paris Fashion week to The Royal Academy of Engineering, the Barbican and the Victoria & Albert museum.  Receiving numerous awards for her imagination and innovation along the way. Lauren sits on the Board for the European Council for the Internet of Things.

An example of her work is a jacket whose leather has been treated with liquid crystal to make it friction responsive. "The whole point is you won't know the technology is in there," she says. "When you're walking down the street and get a gust of wind, parts of the jacket will change colour."

Lauren says:

"Alchemy is a reference not just to how I work aesthetically but how I go about finding my concepts, using nature and science to understand and uncover more about the world we live in.  Having a background in both chemistry and textiles naturally provides an aesthetically interesting practice, my studio is abound with bottles of solutions, pelts of hides and tools to apply and fuse various concoctions.

"Creativity is the key to what we do here at TheUnseen in every aspect, from concept to research, design, process and production; we try to innovate at every stage. I believe that creativity unlocks the solutions when combining technology with matter for the human."