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Kevin Ombajo

Kevin Ombajo

YCE Finalist

Kevin is the founder and CEO of True Blaq Ltd, established in 2002, one of the prominent event management companies in Kenya.

True Blaq is an event management agency with key interests in event management/ marketing, concert and party production, video and audio production. Their key strength has been to use their music events to transform the social and political fabric of the country. They have held successful countrywide concerts and produced albums to push messages against HIV/AIDS, gender violence, peace, hunger, human rights and unemployment. True Blaq studios seek to empower talented youth from underprivileged backgrounds to develop and utilise their musical talents.

Kevin has also produced albums for a number of notable Kenyan artistes and worked to make sure that talented emerging artists have the opportunity to make a living from music.

Kevin was one of the finalists of the YCE Music Award 2009