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Kerem Alper

Kerem Alper


Kerem Alper is the co-founder of ATÖLYE Istanbul a creative community space, which promotes collaborative working.

ATÖLYE Istanbul is a co-working and fabrication space, incorporating traditional Turkish makers and crafts with new technologies and prototyping methods.

The shared community workspace offers prototyping tools – including a 3D printer, laser cutter, traditional tools and a media lab – alongside classes, workshops and seminars for peer-to-peer education.

“We created ATÖLYE as we believe that there are extremely talented, driven and inspirational entrepreneurs in Istanbul that are missing out on appropriate infrastructure, resources and community.”

ATÖLYE’s membership of creative entrepreneurs working across design, architecture, art, engineering and education, can take initial ideas through to design and completed prototype all under one roof.

Since opening in 2012, Kerem has collaborated with international academics and entrepreneurs to share learning and develop best practice around how networked hub environments can support and promote an entrepreneurial culture.

“Agency models are outdated. Through the power of technology and beyond, we can network individuals to form collaborations and networks - a much more effective way to complete and manage projects.”

Kerem Alper was Turkey’s winner of the British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur (Culture) Award 2014. He travelled to the UK as part of an international group of creative pioneers to connect with UK based creative hubs and start-ups.