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Jenny Griffiths

Jenny Griffiths

YCE Winner

Jenny is a fashion innovator, owner of Snap Fashion, and one of the winners of the British Council Creative Entrepreneur Awards in the 2013 h club 100.

Jenny Griffiths is the founder and CEO of Snap Fashion, a visual search engine for clothes and shoes.After struggling to find the items and outfits she admired on others, and with an ambition of changing the way that people shop, Jennyinvented Snap Fashion’s multi-award-winning technology whilst studying Computer Science at Bristol University.

Snap Fashion lets users search and shop for clothing from over 150 of the UK’s top retailers in seconds; simply by using a picture, or taking a photo of their fashion inspiration.

After winning Bristol Univerity’s New Enterprise Competition in 2009,Jennygraduated with a first class MEng degree in Computer Science and started to build her business. She further developed Snap Fashion in her evenings and weekends, whilst continuing to work as a Project Manager for Thales Defence. In January 2012 she committed full time to Snap and turned her dream into a reality.

Jenny has won numerous awards, including the h club 100 and British Council Creative Entrepreneur award, Cisco British Innovation Gateway, Decoded Fashion, Drapers’ 30 under 30, and has been named by Computer Weekly as one of the top 25 most influential women in IT.

Jenny travelled to Brazil with the British Council in spring 2014 to expand her network and learn and share ideas with Brazilian creative entrepreneurs.