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Isoken Ogiemwonyi

Isoken Ogiemwonyi

YCE Winner

Isoken Ogiemwonyi is Co-Founder of Winterfell Ltd, which owns Le Petit Marche Nigeria and L’Espace trademarks.

Le Petit Marche (LPM),launched inFebruary 2008,is a monthly fashion and lifestyle market that operates as a low cost retail platform for Nigerian designers, fashion entrepreneurs and other retailers. LPM has become a firm fixture in the Nigerian fashion industry, providing both social and commercial elements for designers and shoppers. It has been a launch pad for many breaking into the industryand they have benefitted from LPM's vast media channels promoting their products and services.

L’Espace was founded in December 2011 as a one-stop multi brand store offering fashion products, produced byNigerian designers, and beauty and lifestyle products owned by Nigerian entrepreneurs. With L’Espace, brands who are ready to take the next step and go beyond testing the market, have the opportunity to take advantage of a more stable and constant point of sale.

On the role of L'Espace & Le Petit Marche in Nigeria: 'Through the work we do at Le Petit Marche and L’Espace we are striving to find workable, innovative solutions to the myriad retail problems in Nigeria, in order to fulfil our brand mission: fashion infrastructure.

We believe in simplifying the distribution process, freeing designers up to concentrate on creating and promoting their brand.

The Nigerian fashion industry has gone through a growth spurt in the last few years, accelerated by the growing prominence of Nigerian designers. Naturally, we view L’Espace and the planned expansion of LPM to be one of the more exciting things happening in the industry at the moment, with several collaborations and a wholesale fashion buying department in the offing.

The ability and need to innovate and figure out new ways of doing things is one of the key positives shaping the development of our industry today.'