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Iman Al Midfa

Iman Al Midfa

YCE Winner

Iman is the Creative Director of Ghizlan Fashion, a Sharjah-based fashion brand.

Iman inherited her passion for design and fashion from her mother, and credits her father for her business management knowledge.

She started Ghizlan to use her talents and experience to create and produce the best she could. Ghizlan’s vision is to be globally recognized and show the world the beauty of our culture and traditions through Ghizlan designs and creations.

Today as the Founder and Creative Director of Ghizlan Fashion House, Iman works hard to accomplish this vision. She would also like to further distinguish Ghizlan by creating and taking forth initiatives to support the environment and social campaigns.

Through Ghizlan, Iman welcomes start up entrepreneurs to take the opportunity to test the markets and facilitate their requirements in terms of production. She loves to share her expertise and tips of the trade with the creative and passionate young designers. One day in the near future, she would like to create a team of designers who can add great value to Ghizlan, themselves and the clients.

The collections are expressions of her and are always inspired by the different cultures she has visited and explored during her travels. Just like Iman, the collections of Ghizlan are unconventional yet deeply rooted and consistent. They launch every season and instead of calling them spring or summer collections, they are named after Arabian Gazelles.