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Gary Stewart

Gary Stewart

UNBOX Caravan

Gary Stewart is an artist interested in how socially engaged arts practice can cross international and cultural boundaries, stimulating shared authorship through mixing material created through various encounters across multiple sites.

His work explores new models of practice especially those that are investigating the capacity of digital arts to create active citizenship. His sphere of activity is within, between and across the unique spaces emerging in public spaces, art galleries and museums formed by the shifting intersections and blurred boundaries between audiences, authorship and participation.

Gary is senior Creative Associate on new creative projects combining youth and public engagement with experimental media practices and technologies at Proboscis an independent artist-led creative studio involving innovative partnerships in diverse fields based out of London. Within academia he is an external Phd examiner for School of Performance and Screen Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kingston University and Artist Associate at People’s Palace Projects an arts organisation at Queen Mary, University of London who have established a Creative Lab in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.