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Fer Isella

Fer Isella

YCE Finalist

Fer Isella is a serial cultural entrepreneur, music producer, composer, pianist and a digital music strategist for marketing, online distribution, 2.0 communication and digital development of the music industry.

After producing albums for Sony Music (+2 million records sold and +15 platinum albums), Fer was awarded by the U.S. Department of State with a full Fulbright Scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music, Boston. In 1999, he was awarded with the "Clare Fischer Award" for composer of the year, then earning a cum laude diploma in Jazz Composition. Fer moved to New York in the year 2000 to perform with his own band as well as other artists like Joy Askew (keyboard player for Peter Gabriel and David Bowie), Miho Hatori (Cibo Mato, Sean Lennon), and to produce records.

In 2005 Fer moved back to his homeland, Buenos Aires, and founded Limbo Music, an integrated 360 record label and music production house specializing in contemporary music from Argentina from diverse musical genres. In 2009 was awarded by the British Council and the Argentinean Cultural Entrepreneur of the Year due to his project Folklorear, the first latin american cultural social network.

Fer also conducts: Limbo Fest, the independent music festival, Limbo Arts, sync and publishing for TV music spots in the US, and Limbo Digital, a digital marketing agency specializing in online campaigns, digital distribution and website design for the music industry (clients like Lily Allen, FuerzaBruta, etc).

Currently, Fer coordinates the area of the music industry at the Argentine Cultural Industries Market, organized by the Secretariat of Culture of Argentina, as well as coordinating Un-Convention Factory Argentina.

Fer was a fianlist of the YCE Music Award 2011.