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Daniel Gorman

Daniel Gorman

CLI Participant 2011

Dan Gorman is the director of Firefly International, a UK based NGO which aims to break down barriers between communities via the arts and education.
Shooglenifty and Omar Dewachi on Oud at Reel Festivals 2011, Lebanon

Firefly International works on arts and education projects in the UK, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and more.

Over the past 4 years, Dan has established and coordinated Reel Festivals, a project which focuses on dialogue through arts events. The festival has focused on Iraq and Afghanistan, and has also produced a tri-lateral series of collaborative events between Syria, Lebanon and the UK, featuring artists from all 3 countries. Most recentlyReel Iraq presented over 50 events in 9 cities throughout the UK which gave audiences the chance to engage directly with Iraqi poets, filmmakers, artists, writers and musicians.

Outside of Firefly International Dan also has worked on many community arts projects, both in the UK (such as the Forest Café and Roxy Art House in Edinburgh) and in Europe and the Middle East. All of these projects have the aim of increasing dialogue, communication and collaboration, while promoting social justice and equality through the arts.