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Carlos Peralta-Caceres

Carlos Peralta-Caceres

YCE Winner

Carlos Peralta-Caceres is Managing Director of Punto de Ataque, a screenplay development studio.

Carlos has experience and training in Economics and Advertising (account management and media investments) and has worked in the media industry all his professional life.

In 2006, he completed a graduate programme in Media and Communication at the University of Amsterdam and subsequently gained experience in Screenplay Scouting & Assessment at Dynamo, a Colombian company focused on investment in - and production of - film projects.

Carlos launched Punto de Ataque in April 2009.Punto de Ataque is a screenplay development studio, where new film stories – new intellectual properties – are conceived and developed. Services such as “script consulting” for production companies and “screen writing groups” for writers are offered as well. It is also a space where talented writers are able to work full time on creating film stories. Punto de Ataque is the only company focused on the screenplay / development stage of the film value chain, the stage where new film properties are created.

Carlos’ work has taken him to Film Festivals in Europe, the US, and Latin America. He has analysed and evaluated more than 400 screenplays in Spanish and English, which has allowed him to learn and understand the importance of the script in the Filmmaking process.

Since February 2011, Carlos has worked full time as Managing Director. So far they have exported their script consulting services to Spain, Brazil and Costa Rica.

Carlos also teaches Screenwriting classes at 2 universities in Bogotá, conveying the importance of the screenplay to future generations of filmmakers and media professionals.