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Carlos Díaz

Carlos Díaz

YCE Finalist

Carlos Dίaz is a sociologist who opened the Argentinean branch of Siglo XXI publishing in 2000, when he was just 25 years old.

International YoungPublishing Entrepreneur Awards 2007

Siglo XXI is one of the few prestigious and remaining independent Spanish-speaking publishing houses. Founded in 1966 in Mexico, it soon became the most important publisher in the social sciences.

Bearing a strong left-wing cultural and political orientation, its predominance suffered a major setback during the 1990s, and Carlos’ challenge at the outset was to respect Siglo XXI’s editorial line while bearing in mind the world’s new political and cultural perspectives.

The company has grown in a remarkable way since its foundation in Argentina, managing to survive one of the country’s worst economic crisis in years, and with many of their books becoming highly acclaimed in their academic field. Through solid entrepreneurial skills, team leadership and determination, Carlos has established Siglo XXI as one of the most promising Argentinean publishing houses.