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Björn Stenvers

Björn Stenvers

CLI Participant 2010

As an expert marketeer, Björn is involved in providing advice for several cultural organisations in the Netherlands.

Björn has workedas amarketeer in the Netherlands' cultural sector for a number of years with additional marketing experience from the publishing and retail sectors andis currentlyHead of Marketing&Commercial affairsat the Amsterdam Museumand all the museums they support.

Björn is also Chairman of the Marketing Advice Group to the Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board and a Board member of the Association of Cultural Marketing and Communication in the Netherlands, as well as holding other senior positions in Dutch cultural life. In 2006, Björn was awarded the national Library Innovation Prize.

Sitting on the boards or commissions of various institutes in the Netherlands, Björn provides marketing advice, support with strategic planning, and other types of input to their operation.Björn is currently studying the way of working of the business models of the UK and trying to implement them in the Dutch museum sector. This because it seems proven that the US and UK business models and ways of financing are better suited to the present economic, political circumstances which ask for cultural entrepreneurial ship. Atpresent, he has studied them a lot on site throughout nurseries, shadows walks an job swaps within the UK and throughout Europe, opportunities made possible through participation in the 2010Cultural Leadership International programme.

Björn was one of the participants of the CLI Programme 2010